My Heart Core

I Fell In The Way Of Love
Feeling As Soft As Dove
I Loved Him As Forever
Tried To Be In As There
But Things Suddenly Changed
The Strings I Joined Broked
That Day I Cried Lke Anything
Just Decided To Stop Living
Something Stopped Me And Sad To Bear The Pain
I Lived, Just Breathing, Only Loneliness I Gain
Time Passed, Breaking Every Cell Of Mine
I Showed Off, Convincing That I Am Fine.
This Shattered Me Emotionally
Living Me Behind Lonely
Nobody Was There To Hold Me,
No Expectations, But Now I M Not The Same
Many Of My Dear Ones Were Not Aware Of What Happened
And When I Interacted With Them, Said I M Changed
I M Not Changed, I Dont Exist Now
No Expaination For What, Why When And How
Small, Innocent Child Was Killed
Nor My Wounds Are Healed.
Love Is Successful N Destroying One More
Gained Permanent Visitor At Lonely Sea Shore
Pain Still Resides In My Heart Core…..
From:- Vijayalaxmi Kosma

Author: ShineMagic

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