Me Shine, a college guy, love shayiri. During my childhood, I used to copy shayiri from newspapers in my personal diary. Now since I have grown up 🙂 , I started reading from my mailbox (my friends/some groups use to sent me), also from web but again copy them on my diary. So I thought of starting this my blog where I can direct Ctrl+C — Ctrl+V shayiris from my inbox and also from other sources. Also, you can also forward your shayiris to me in order to get published here.  If anyone thinks that any shayiri on my blog is copyrighted, please do mail me at mailshayari@gmail.com and I be glad to remove it from my site within 48 hrs of mail being recieved by me, after verifying copytight issues.

NOTE: If you want your shayaris to be published on this site, Please do mail me with your Name and Subject at mailshayari@gmail.com and I be gladly publishing the post with your name in it.

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