Desires Hopes And I….

In Geed Of Fame
Want To Popular My Name
Want To Rule The World
No Matter How Much It Cost
Not Worried About The Lost
Life Is Becoming Live Wire
In Way To Attain My Desires….

The Unseen Pressure By People
With Blend Of Love And Humble
People Are My Loved Ones
They Want Me To Be Successful
They Are All Beautiful
I Can Not Say Nope
As They Are Their Hope……

A Dilemma Has Arose
To Choose Desire Or Hope
Desire Belongs To Me
But Hope Belongs To Those
Who R Mine
Although Both Will Make Me Shine
A Slight Differnce It All Have
Provoking Me To Hide In A Cave
In Between 3 I Lie
Desires Hopes And I…..
From:- Vijayalaxmi Kosma

Author: ShineMagic

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