Happy Friendship Day-2010

From:- Pravesh Singh

Sweetheart Is A Special Word For Love,
Love Is A Special Word For Care,
Care Is A Special Word For Friend,
And The Friend Is A Special Word For U….
Friendship Is All About Three Things –
Winning, Losing And Sharing,
Wining Your Firnd’s Heart,
Losing Your Ego And Sharing Joys And Sorrows…
A “Friend” Is Like A”Ring”,
Always Close To Ur Hand But As U Get”Careless”,
It”Slips Out” Of Ur Finger,
So”Dont” Ever”Let” Ur Frnds Slip Out Of Ur Life.
Life Is A 5 Star. Kind Star Is Mother..
Action Star Is Father.. Ultimate Star Is Teacher..
Top Star Is Lover.. And The Super Star Is Friend..
Friendship Is The Rainbow Betweent Two Hearts.
Sharing Seven Colors Of Feelings.
Love,Sadness,Happiness,Truth,Faith,Secret & Respect….

Author: ShineMagic

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