Parents must read – Overtake

A boy with his parents was travelling in their car. Father was driving and son was sitting in the back. Dad was driving his car very carefully because it was quite dear to him.

After a few minutes of travelling, a modern car overtook their car.
Son told Father, “Dad that car went ahead of us, please use accelerator to overtake that car”.
Dad replied smilling, “Son, it is not possible, our car is not capable of going that fast”.

Within a few seconds, another car went ahead of them. Son got annoyed by it and told dad to press accelerator.

Dad replied to son in anger, “You are only seeing cars which are going ahead of us. There are many cars behind us. If we try to catch up with those cars in front of us, we may end up doing damage to our car”.

Son replied nicely, “Dad, you compare me with other smart kids and keep telling me to be like them. If I try to be like them, I might end up hurting myself right! You are only seeing smarter kids than me, but you are not seeing kids who are behind me.”

*In our anxiety as parents let us not damage the career of children with undue expectations.

Author: ShineMagic

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