7 Great Qualities of Back Benchers

1-CONSISTENCY- once a zero, alwayz a zero!

2-VOICE MODULATION-Attendance in 5 difrnt voices!

3-PRESENTATION SKILL-Presenting 1 answer in 5 difrnt ways for 5 difrnt Questions!

4-ART- designing Classroom Tables!

5-STAMINA- Tolerate teachers for 1 hour lectures!

6-PERIPHERAL VISION-Checking out a girl/guy sitting behind..

7-HUMANITY- Failing & giving others a chance 2 Top..!

Proud 2 be a Back Bencher… !!!

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One Response to “7 Great Qualities of Back Benchers”

  1. ashish@smschacha Says:

    the really true qualities of back benchers.I am one of this..

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