You Are Not Alone


I know that you are hurting, so vinod asking God above
To heal your broken heart, and give you peace.
I pray you’ll feel the comfort of His everlasting arms,
Enfolding you with healing, sweet release.

Because I know He feels your pain,
And even saves your tears,
I pray your weeping soon will turn to joy;
And that you will be free from all the irksome little things
That oftentimes embitter and destroy.

I ask for you the strength to face whatever comes to pass;
That you’ll not be discouraged or depressed.
But as you wait upon the Lord,
You’ll feel a strengthened heart,
And He will calm your fears, and give you rest.

Remember that you’re not alone, and you are dearly loved,
And you have many friends like Vinod who truly care;
Who want to help you lift the heavy burden on your heart,
And constantly remember you in prayer.

Author: ShineMagic

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