Words Can’t Explain the Love that I Feel


I can’t think of going away from you,
That is something I’d never like to do.
All I’d ever ask you is to stay with me,
Because vinod love you, and you belong to Vinod.
I’ll pray every night that you will be mine,
I hope my wish will be granted in no time.

I never had this loving feeling before,
my love for you is growing more and more.
Swear of the sun shining above, bright,
I will love you like this, day and night.
I wish I could bind you tight, in my arms,
To love you and give you all my warmth.

There were times, when nothing was right,
I had no one with me, to fly my kite.
I had no one to listen to my talks,
Even no one to go out for long walks.
I had no one to stifle my day long cries,
No one to wipe away tears from my eyes.

Thank you, for giving your hand to me,
Now there’s someone who understands me.
In all my bad times, sorrows and pain,
Thank you for being there again and again.
Our tomorrow will not be just another day,
We’ll make it joyful in each & every way!

Author: ShineMagic

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