A Woman’s Heart

From:- Vinod

A woman’s heart..
is filled with passion.
A woman’s heart..
is filled with lust.

A woman’s night..
is filled with dreaming.
Of the perfect man..
who may not be you.

She wants to get near to you.
Don’t turn her away.
She wants to get through to you.
She wants to say:

Give me your night..
And I will show you my passion.
Give me your lust..
And I will drink you dry.

WiSE man
Give me your dreams..
And I will show you a lover.
Give me your heart..
And I will hold you close
..till the day I die.

A woman’s day..
is filled with longing.
for romance and company.
A woman’s heart is yours forever.
She will be true..
to the one in her life.

If we don’t look..
or just don’t listen,
If we don’t give her,
love and affection..
It could be the biggest mistake..
that a man can make.

Author: ShineMagic

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