I Have So Many Wishes


I Have So Many Wishes
That I’ve Stored Up In My Heart
Today I Sit Here Thinking
I ‘m Not Sure Where To Start….

I Wish To Send You Smiles
So That All Throughout Your Day
You’ll Think Of Only Happy Things
And Life Will Go Your Way…

Next I Wish To Send You Hugs
The Warm And Snuggly Kind
You’ll Feel Them With You Constantly
More Sincere Hugs You Couldn’t Find..

Of Course I Wish You Lots Of Love
Forever And Esecially For You
A Heart Filled With Love So Sweet
Never — Ending And Oh So True…

Sunshine Laughter And All Happy Things
Vinod Wish For You Today
And All God’s Blessings Be With You
Forever And In So Many Ways.

Author: ShineMagic

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