Vinod Just Addicted To Loneliness


Taking the moments of loneliness
The time of separation has come to a halt.

Thinking about the days to come
For I see that life has nothing new for me
As the time of separation has come to a halt.

Vinod ask the same question over and over again
I don’t know what’s the hidden secret
For I know that it has taken my life by storm

Why has my heart become so lonely?
Why does my soul remain unhappy?

After coming out of the darkness
Life has not treated me fairly

For such words from a foolish mouth
Such words which has no bounds

Oh sky, tell me please
What has happened?
Oh lord, tell me please
What is my crime?

For it is not what I expected it to be
I don’t have courage of seeing the light again

For the moments of loneliness in my heart
Will remain to a halt..

Author: ShineMagic

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