I Want……( Valentine’s Day Special )


I want to be the one you think of at sunrise
To be the one who fills your heart with light

I want to be the air you breathe
To be the breathless love within your embrace

I want to be inside you
To be as deep within as you are inside me

Vinod want to be the Lover of your dreams
To be as you are what I have been searching for

Vinod want to be the one who kisses your lips
To be able to taste your sweetness

I want to be in your arms
To be the one who melts your heart

I want to be your pillow
To be there whenever you need someone to lean on

Vinod want to be with the love of my life
To be loving you and holding you

I want to be with you
To be as we are meant to be

I want to be yours
As you to be mine……

Author: ShineMagic

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