Until the End

Leaving footprints in the sand
Hand in hand, you walked with me,
As the sun slowly faded
Into the gentle, blue sea.

I had pictured this moment
A thousand times before,
In my most precious dream
I know I could not love you more.

It was at that instant
In my heart I knew,
There was nothing in this world
I would not do for you.

Trying to find a comparison
To our love and devotion,
Would be as helpless and tiring
As counting the raindrops in the ocean.

I always wondered if God
Sent us each a true love,
He proved it to me with you
My angel from above.

For in you I see my future
And everything that is real,
How could I possibly
Put into words what I feel.

If tomorrow, there was no sun
If my words failed to rhyme,
My love would still be yours
Until the end of time.

Author: ShineMagic

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