True Love

True love… it a choice or emotion….. . .?
as true love requires a life of devotion.

Ages of life, love’s emotions can vary….
some fade quickly as others will tarry.
After love’s emotions climbs to it’s peek….
now a choice if it’s true love we seek.

It may be a giddiness that we feel…..
that lets us know this love is for real.
It could be security of not being alone….
not having to face the world on our own….

Maybe it is the one who makes us whole….
as we fullfill our ultimate life’s goal.
Things in common can join us together….
so we unite as birds of a feather.

Emotions and choices mentioned above….
only describes a few feelings of true love.
There is one true love with us all our life….
in joyous days or the weariness of strife.

He was the first to love all so true….
He loves me….as He also loves you.
The author of true love, the Almighty One….
He has been since the world begun.

Still in control as He will always be….
author of true love….creater of you and vinod.
Our God in heaven who reigns from above….
the alpha and omega….the author of true love

Author: ShineMagic

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