If You Stopped Loving Me


This heart of mine would surely die
And my body would wither by and by
But my love for you will go on and on.
Yes, it will still be there after I`m gone.

You will feel me on the soft gentle breeze
As you wander through the tall forest trees.
I will be on the beach as the tide comes in
That will remind you how easy my heart was

You will go about your work and play
And remember how you loved me one day..
Love is so strong, the heart is weak.
The tears will flow, the eyes will leak.

No, vinod never wanted to go away.
But without your love no reason to stay.
Even if you took your love from me
I would forever in your heart be.

The angels will come and sing you a song
They will tell you how I`m getting along.
They will whisper about my love for you
And let you know my heart is being true.

So, if that time should ever come to be
And you say, “I`ll love you again,” you will see
The mountains, beaches and meadows will know.
As you shout, “I`m sorry I ever let you go.”

Author: ShineMagic

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