Silent Eyes

From:- Vinod

What do I see in these silent eyes…?
staring.. not a wink,
hiding truths or a million lies..?
No answers.. still I keep asking..Why?
No tears in your eyes,
still why I keep wiping your eyes ?

Is there any pain.. deep within..?
or a hurt.. unhealing.. ever unseen ?
May be its trying to tell me something..
Or asking something I know nothing.

Oh silent eyes.. oh tell me Dear..
I see a sea in your eyes..and I fear..
why not a drop coming out as a tear..
You are laughing at vinod.. what a fool am I.
That I can’t see the love filled in your eye.

Or is it hatred hidden deep inside..
That I may burn in your glare
and feel the pain you always to hide.
May be now I must close my eyes..
and get all answers from these Silent Eyes.

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