The Silence of Love


If you knew, what happens in me,
Understand me better.

If you could touch me
Would know that my hands,
Gently caress you know
And passion.

If only it were possible
Your presence, would know that
I love you and miss you.

If only you looked vinod’s eyes
Would know they do not lie
And know look at you with love.

If you could let your heart
Will be for me, inventoried
Thousand ways to have us.

If you just leave me,
Posing my look in these eyes
Both longing look.

If you just leave,
Traveling on your lips my mouth,
And teach me to kiss you.

If I could make a wish,
I wish I steal your heart
And become a prisoner of my passion.

If you knew that I love you.
What would my love?

Author: ShineMagic

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