All Of This Is For A Reason

I Dont Have To Win…
To Be Called A Winner…
I Dont Have To Lose…
To Be Called A Looser…
I Gave My Attention…
I Gave My Support…
All Of This Is For A Reason,
For My Love And Respect,
I’ll Have To Fight For A Reason,
Reason For My Love To Shine,
You Are My Reason To Live,
And Love You Till I Die,
My Feelings Was So High,
Coz You Were There At My Side,
By A Sudden Mistakes,
You Judged Me,
You Turn Your Back And Set Me Aside,
Now That Your Gone,
Your Presences Is Still In My Heart And Mind,
Where Is That Reason Now,
Now That Were Living Separate’s Life….
From:- Nitendra Nittu, +919039996556

Author: ShineMagic

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