The Magic Of Love To The Distance


To never forget love always
Your eyes were with me today
Burned into my eyes
Without tears, without sorrow, without forgetting
You’re gone but you’re by my side
The distance you joined and whom you love
Lovers for life with magic
Of desire and passion that burns
Our love will not die by the routine
Each meeting will be a new stage
To fulfill the dreams we dream
No promises of false hopes
You’re gone love you gone and left me
With the longing in my chest or nailed
Without tears, the two without looking at us and
Because the penalty is that when you love
I loved you and I met in the distance
With a love that only God knows
What began as the roses are born
When the flower opens the petals
In the sunset remember
Our hands together and pray
A sigh born in the shadows
Breaking the silence so holy
Every tear the sea took her away
The saved as a child in her womb
Well, one day will come all the pearls
Your eyes have given birth because you love me
No matter how far my love
The magic of love is in the soul.

by Pepe Arias
I think there’s magic in the love away, when hope for this meeting so desired there.
If you do not have that hope, is only pain and sorrow, without comfort..
All my love… always.

Author: ShineMagic

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