I Will Love U Till Forever Dies

Every time i see your smiling face,
It puts me in a daze.

A daze of remembering what used to be,
Remembering when i gave you the key.

The key to my heart,
So that we’ll never be apart.

Apart from each other,
Saying there will never be another.

Another love as great as ours,
Love greater than the number of stars.

The stars in the sky,
I watch and wonder why.

Why you left,
Every time you came around you took my breath.

Breath of my heart and soul,
Wishing i could share with you everything i know.

Everything i know about myself,
But when my heart reached for yours it failed.

It failed horribly crashing to the ground,
Not hearing a sound.

The sound of your heart beating next to mine,
Knowing that i am not fine.

Not fine with you being gone,
Not knowing where i went wrong.

Where i went wrong and lost you,
When you never said you loved me too.

Author: ShineMagic

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