Let Me Love You

From:- Vinod

I’ve seen a lot of boys in my time,
But you seem to shine..

I’ve seen a lot boys with broken hearts feeling hurt,
I hope that hasn’t happened to you.
You don’t deserve to be treated like dirt..

You’re different then the rest,
Being in your presence I can’t help but feel blessed..

It’s not just your sweet smile,
Though, I can’t help looking at it longer than just a while..

More than your enchanted scent,
It’s so loving, It could put me to sleep..

Beauty isn’t the word,
The more I try think of the right one, my mind just blurs..

You seem like you need help,
You seem so alone,
My heart just cracks,
seeing you look sad…

I just want to hold you in my arms,
So I can never let you go..

I want to take your hand,
Let me show you the most peaceful places..

Let me be your healer of pain,
I’ll take away your stress,
Any problems that bother you,
I will suppress and have disappear..

I’ll be your listener,
I’ll do my best to understand..
I’ll hear everything you say..
Let me brighten your day..

If you ever cry,
Don’t be afraid to tell me why.
I’m here for you,
And won’t ever say good-bye..

Let me kiss your cheek,
So you can feel unique.
To warm your heart,
I won’t ever let you fall apart..

Let me make you feel like every thing’s a dream,
Because I see you everynight in mine..

I want to take care of you,
I believe it’s what I’m here to do..

Let me make all of your dreams come true,
Let me LOVE you..

Author: ShineMagic

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