Come Love Me


Come dream my dreams, even the wildest
Perform them together, make them truths
Fly with me in this vast sky
Live this happiness gradually
Forget the sad
Not even remember what they were just homesick
The world becomes more beautiful for those who love like vinod
Let’s see the sunset together
Feel the rain on our skin gets wet
Not feel the winter
Since the heat is our flame
Heaven is our destination
Eternity, our home.
Vinod wish love was like nature …
Sweet as a morning dew…
Infinite as the sky
True and accurate as the seasons
Beautiful as the flowers of the field
Inspiring as the moon
Hot as the sun and warm as the winter nights
Innocent as the offspring of a bird
But at the same time as devastating as a lion
As the crystalline waters of a stream…
Simply that the whole nature
To summarize in one word…

Author: ShineMagic

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