There is Love


There is love me if you let me run through your body
I would be happy to be out of breath,
I would look in your eyes to see myself in her reflection
And look in your mouth the most ardent of your kisses.

Vinod want to see the desire in your eyes when you look vinod
And that your mouth is drawn a mischievous smile,
In your heart I want to have it always trembling
And your arms feel the strength of your outbursts.

I would also like to enter the center of your soul
And so I would know, really much you love me
So well put me in, and you realize you do not
And when I find out, you can get me out of there.

You see when I look not stop smiling
Because at that moment, I am the happiest man,
And rather than ask me to say a few words
Was this what you wanted, or you may need to change?

So much love I give you and I never tire of giving you
That if you try to escape would be to reach you,
Long time no say so, and perhaps should not
But I am very yours, and I feel thee mine.

Author: ShineMagic

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