You’re My Love


The more you say I didn’t want me around more,
You chide me for wanting to be who I am,
You will always know me.

Because you will always pursue what I have to say,
Even if not really want to hear,
But will hear and will want more
And want to go again tomorrow,
And i’ll always keep coming because this is my secret.

Because I’m endless,
And you know that even if I’m lame,
Dragging me, tomorrow will be more.
Where there’s more.

And you’ll always come back.
And you always want to know that I still own.
And I go, you idiot, because I love you.
You’re my love.

So simple, with three little letters: love.
And I don’t care if you love me back,
No wonder you don’t love me back,
I’m yours and you’re done.
It’s still there in your life.

Because vinod cast a spell on you,
And you’ll keep coming back.
Then, somehow,
Unintentionally and unknowingly,
You are mine too.

Author: ShineMagic

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