Love Was All That


Love was all that I needed to live
And I found it in yo heart
But I lost it in a hale of time
And you left me without a word

In a world with all but compassion
I tried so hard not to cry
Because I knew you hated to see me cry
But the pain my soul was enduring
For it had lost its heart

I miss you
I miss you real bad
 I hope I will see you again one day of sure
I know it will be in heaven
A beautiful place full of dreams and happiness
But until then
& Everyday I will b thinking of you

And the day you flew away from me

That day was the day I knew my life had changed forever
The only thing that soothes my soul
Is when I talk to you within my mind
Hoping that you can hear me
The only thing I heard from the day you flew away from me
Was the sound of my howling soul

It has been in pain
For its heart was ripped away from it
To this day do I hear my howling soul
All I can do is pray that the day I fly to heaven
Will come soon :((

Author: ShineMagic

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