What My Heart Tells Me


What my heart tells me
Is that there is no one else on earth
Who can make me feel the way you do
From the first day that we met
You made me forget all my fears
And you have shown me that God really

Have one special heart for each of us to find
You are the one God has guided me to
What my heart tells me
Is that I can never love anyone
As much as I love and care for you
And how my feelings grow stronger each

I can’t imagine not being able to hold you
I want to share my life with you for forever
You make me the person I have always hoped to be
What my heart tells me

Is that God has provided me with your loving heart
And I will do everything within my power
To be with you each and every day
Everytime I see you walk into a room
My heart never fails to beat faster and stronger
This is how I know you are the one for

For the rest of the time the Lord gives me
Vinod give you his heart and for you I will do
What My Heart Tells Me..

Author: ShineMagic

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