Keep That In Your Heart


Don’t expect the wind blowing in their direction,
or chase the wind.
Life is within you and live this day
is the best you can do.
Don’t let someone waiting for his word.
Open your heart and look for
the pain of humanity.
On your side can be someone
Suffering in silence.

Don’t close or retain the good things.
Release, release its best part.
There are many hands outstretched,
many faces crying
many lives need you.
There’s pain in the world! There are hungry! There is fight!
There’s pain in the soul of the people especially.
You can if you think you can.
Do something today. . .

It may be that tomorrow his word
get stuck in my throat because
death overlaps life.
Don’t retain their loyalty,
his gesture of love,
for their solidarity
feeling your best.

We don’t know what to expect in the next minute.
A whole existence fades in
second determinant.
Do your part in the world.
Don’t silence, not to be omitted.

You can be sure.
Some heart now beats for you,
a wounded soul needs its words,
a friend waiting for his gesture,
a hungry waiting for the bread,
a patient to cure,
someone you don’t want to know
intensely alive and in place.

God dwells in the midst of
which has the greatest sense of the universe:

Author: ShineMagic

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