I’m Hangin My Heart Out to Dry

From:- Vinod

Can’t believe the way I let you use me
Can’t believe all the wasted time
For a while, baby, you confused me,
When you said I was your sunshine,
But I’m just someone to call
When you need a place to fall.

Baby, come back when it ain’t rainin’
Come back when your skies are blue,
Come back when it ain’t rainin’ on you.
It ain’t rainin’ on you..

Tell me, baby, did you have a good time..
Out there with your fair weather friends?
You get blue when you’re drinkin’ red wine..
Don’t call me when the party ends..
You think you’ve got it made..
But you’re just a sad parade..

And after the storm rolls by..
I’m hangin’ my heart out to dry..
Baby, come back when it ain’t rainin’..

Oh Baby vinod can’t stop to telling you..
That I miss you day and night,
Baby, come back when it ain’t rainin’ !!

Author: ShineMagic

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