Give Me Time To Dream

Give me time to dream, oh Lord
Time now for reflections
Time to rid my frazzled mind
of a thousand and one expectations.

Give me just a moment
to observe this changing time
~to shut out noise and disturbances
~To sweep them from my mind

Let me notice little things
you give unselfishly
~the falling leaves, the pure white snow
~all the gifts you give to me.

Let me look forward to tomorrow
without worry or regret
~forget the past and accept the present
~don’t let me give up yet

Slow me down, Lord, slow me down
~so I can see your face
~to pause and let the blessed calm
~my negative thoughts replace.

Let vinod take the time to live and love
instead of racing out of control
Slow me down, Lord, slow me down
and still my restless soul

Author: ShineMagic

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