Dawn of Pleasure


In my body is still asleep
Your hands slide into full search
The wishes lie in my lust
The evening is our sleepy sentinel
Dawn spreads thy smell of man
Your body wakes up nice and lazy
You start to feel thrill on your skin
My mouth absorbs the nectar of your kisses
I begin to get involved in their caresses
My naked body out of your legs
Involve me in a wake of delights
Skate up to my mouth for hidden paths
Gets drunk on the smell of my belly sleeping
Take in your mouth honey flowing from my body
Now feel your body wakes up gasping on my
A cool night covers my insatiable contours
We delight in the midst of sheets and shadows of the night
Dusk now waking share our pleasures
Induced ecstasy thirsty our bodies
Dawn leaves us memories of yesterday.

Author: ShineMagic

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