Why Do You Make Me Cry

From:- Vinod

I gave you my heart and all I had,
But it seems to me like you don’t even care.
You rather be with your friends,
And front to be a single man.but when we’re alone its just
You and me in this world.

So I ask myself, Why do you come back,
To me and make me cry??

Don’t you understand that I Love you,
Much more than you can ever realize.
I thought you would be the one,
The one to take me out of my misery.

Instead you brought me pain and made me cry.
Every night I stay up and think of
Why you make me cry??

I never come to an answer to that
Simple question I always ask at night,
But I guess I never will ’till I ask the only one,
That truely knows why??, which is you,
So I guess I need to get the courage
And just ask “Why you make me cry??”

‘Till that day I get that courage to ask you “Why??”
All I can say is that I LOVE YOU much more
Than you can ever UNDERSTAND..

Author: ShineMagic

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