In Coming Future


Where Would U Like To See Yourself In Coming Future?

Of course U R Enjoying Ur Life
Becoz U Don’t Have Any Pain Now
U R Simply Relaxing
U R Just Doing Time Pass
U Don’t Have Any Thoughts
U Don’t Have Any Plans
U Don’t Have Any Goals
So U R Just Enjoying.

But Remember

“Take Care When You Choose What To Say.”
For Once Your Words Are Spoken,
They Cannot Be Recalled.

“Take Care When You Choose
What To Do With Your Time.”
Time Passes Quickly No Matter What You Do,
So Your Best Option Is To Make The Very Most Of It.

“Take Care When Setting The Goals You Will Follow,
And Choose Those That Are Truly Yours.”
You’re Far More Likely To Attain Those Goals
That Have Real Meaning And Are In Line
With Your Own Special Purpose..

Is Bringing The Future Into The Present”
So That You Can Do Something About It Now.

Dream What U Want To Dream
Go Where U Want To Go
Be What U Want To Be
“Becoz V Have Only One Life
And One Chance.”Thats It.

Author: ShineMagic

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