Change Me

From:- Vinod

Dear Lord Change Not Thy Will In My life,
Or Trial And Sorrows To Be..
Renew My Faith And Make Me Strong,
Change Not Thy Will , Change Me.

Though Teardrops Fall When Trouble Comes,
Like Storms On A Rolling Sea..
Let Thy Beacon Guide My Ship To Port,
Change Not The Strom , Change Me.

When Thy Holy Word I Don’t Understand.
And Thy Glory I Cannot See..
Teach My Eyes , Give Me Sight And Wisdom..
Change Not Thy Word, Change Me.

If The Frui Thou Hast Given Me To Eat,
Taste Bitter And Sour I Plea..
Let Not My Will Thine Be Done..
Change Not The Fruit Change Me.

If Sometime I Murmur And Grumble..
Dear Lord
About The Cross I Carry For Thee..
Keep It Firm On My Shoulders..
But Hold My Hand,
Change Not The Cross Change Me.

If You Change Thy Ways To Please Me,
Dear Lord
I Would Soon Grow Clod And Trun From..
That You May Hear My Prayer,
Dear Lord
Change Not Thy Ways Change Me.

There’s A Valley That I Must Cross,
Someday Thy Face To See..
Lest I Forget What Power Is Thine,
Change Not The Valley Change Me

Create In Me A Clean Hear ,O Lord..
And Renew A Right Spirit Within Me..

Author: ShineMagic

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