Can I See you Once Again


Can I see you once?
You came into my heart uninvited
To forget your memories are so hard
You’re drilling my mind with chill smile
I can’t stop thinking even for a while
I can neither forget you nor remember
I know love in me isn’t a splendor
Why should I get this punishment?
And for no reason but attachment
I haven’t yet told you my feeling
There in me comes the real reeling
Your eyes say you can’t depart
Why can’t it be from your heart?
vinod know’s in heart that you’re so kind
Your message clearly touch my mind
I haven’t seen you yet
I’m sure to wait for a meet
I always think your presence
There I feel unknown fragrance
Words will give meaning less percent
Listen to my heart that really accent
Is there a way to meet you once?
To share with you my heart that sense
To get rid of all my tense
And feel the love that has no fence
Can I See you Once Again

Author: ShineMagic

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