Broken Heart Shayari in English

Here I lie,
Broken Inside,
Nowhere to go,
Nowhere to hide.
I’m left here all alone,
With no one by my side.
All I do is sit here and cry,
I’m so broken inside.
Too many problems,
Too many tears.
I’m bleeding blood and crying tears.
Unbearable pain, through all of these years.
No one in my life,
Really seems to care,
They go throughout their day,
Hardly noticing I’m here.
I’m alone in this world,
With nowhere to go,
Filled with so much sadness,
No one will ever know.
You can read it on my face,
You can see it in my eyes,
But no one ever takes the time to notice,
I’m broken inside.

Author: ShineMagic

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