Beauty Or Love?


Beauty is a mere smile.
Love is a smile that warms the heart.

Beauty is but skin deep, from outside-in.
Love is beauty from inside-out.

Beauty changes, fades, decreases over time.
Love endures, never fails, is of a timeless dimension.

Beauty is in eyes that twinkle in the moonlight.
Love is in eyes that speak kindness, patience, concern, day and night.

Beauty is a figure, a shape, physical looks that appeal to the senses.
Love starts as a feeling, and becomes a sensitizer to the soul.

Beauty hates to hear the truth –
“You’re getting old”.
Love embraces the truth –
“I Love You more the older you get”.

Beauty is vain-glory, a self-seeking competitor.
Love is humility, a self-giving peacemaker.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Love is in the heart of the giver.

So, what Foundation is built of Love?
Vinod’ll give you a hint.
It’s the same foundation that has preserved marriages, friendships, families for a lifetime..

Author: ShineMagic

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