Beautiful Poem for a Beautiful Friend

You Came Into My Life As An Unwelcome Face
Not Ever Knowing Our Friendship ,
I would One Day Embrace
As I Wonder Through My Thoughts And Memories Of You
It Brings Many Big Smiles And Laugher So True.

I love The Special Bond That We Beautiful
I Love The Way You Show You Really Care
Our friendship Means Absolute World To Me
I Only Hope This Is Something I Can Make You See.

Thank You For Open Your Mind And Soul
I Will Do All I Can To Help Heal Your Hearts
Little Holes.

Remember Your Secrest Are Forever Safe
Within Me I Will Keep Them Under Tightest ,
Lock Key
Always Remember…If You’re Ever In Need
Vinod Will Try To Be The Best Friend I Can Possibly Be

Thank For Trusting Me Right From The Start
You Truly Have Got A Wonderful Heart
I am Now So Happy I Felt That Embrace
For Now I See The Beauty Of My Best Friends Face….

God Bless You My Friend.
Have A Beautiful Day
From :: Vinod

Author: ShineMagic

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