Be Willing

From:- Vinod

Be willing to learn, and a teacher will appear.
Be willing to work, and numerous opportunities.
For making a valuable, positive difference.
Will come your way.

Your willingness is a key that unlocks life’s abundance.
Your willingness helps opens your eyes to,
And prepares you for whatever you are willing to be or to do.
Your willingness is not merely what you say it is.
True willingness resides in the deepest part of who you are.
Be willing, and you will gain access to, 
Whatever you need to get the job done.

Be willing, and you will find a way.
Many things seem out of reach only.
Because you imagine them to be.
Have the courage to be sincerely willing,
And the impossible can become real.

Be willing to make a difference in each moment,
And your world will overflow with possibilities.
Be willing to experience a life of richness and fulfillment,
And that is precisely how it will unfold.

Author: ShineMagic

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