A Heart Full Of Wishes

From:- Vinod

I Have So Many Wishes,
That I’ve Stored Up In My Heart.
Today I Sit Here Thinking,
I ‘m Not Sure Where To Start….

1) Vinod Wish To Send You Smiles,
So That All Throughout Your Day..
You’ll Think Of Only Happy Things,
And Life Will Go Your Way…

2) Next Vinod Wish To Send You Hugs,
The Warm And Snuggly Kind.
You’ll Feel Them With You Constantly,
More Sincere Hugs You Couldn’t Find..

3) Of Course Vinod Wish You Lots Of Love,
Forever And Esecially For You..
A Heart Filled With Love So Sweet,
Never — Ending And Oh So True…

4) Sunshine Laughter And All Happy Things,
I Wish For You Today..
And All God’s Blessings Be With You,
Forever And In So Many Ways.

Author: ShineMagic

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