Be My Valentine Eternally

This is for the phone calls
You make every day
Just to tell me that
I love you
Every minute of the day.
Valentine Flower
The way you take my
Hand in yours..
For all the world to see
That this is the woman
Who is most special to me.
Valentine Flower
You always seems to know
When vinod need a hug
Kiss or smile
You never cease to amaze me
When you say..
That I’m here let’s talk for a while.
Valentine Flower
Time had past we’ve had
Our shareof ups and downs
But you are the one who
Remained at my side
Never thinking of walking
Out the door.
Valentine Flower
Vinod adore the way you tell me,that
You are my forever best friend,
I love the way
I believe in you
And that you will be
There till the end.
Valentine Flower
Thank you for all the time
You gave me And for saying, that
It’s never enough
Thank you for listening
As I ramble on…
When things become rather tough.
Valentine Flower
We are in the best years of our lives
On our journey together
Vinod wanted to be with you
And you with me
To love you..and be my
Valentine Eternally

Author: ShineMagic

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