You Are The Man Of My Dreams

From:- Vinod

The first time we met,
I knew I had a friend.
The thing I did not know
is that I would want to
love you until the very end.

Your precious love has
turned my life completely around,
I feel like I’m walking,
but my feet don’t seem to
touch the ground.

Sometimes you seem to be
my shinning light
guiding me through the long, dark night.

As I lie alone in bed
thinking of you and I
I wonder if you think of me too
as one more night slowly drags by.

I wish I were there with you,
kissing your sweet lips
under the pale moon light,
and holding you, so very tight.

You really are the man of my dreams
and I can’t wait to be with you,
for the rest of my life.
I know our time away
seems like an eternity,
but I’ll wait forever to be in your life.

I love you,
I need you,
I want you,
and I will for all my life.

Author: ShineMagic

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