I Want a Love


I want a love, anyway, any color.
This love can be high, may be low, blond or brown, the big nose or small.

I want a love delighted, smiling and funny.
She may have long hair, it can even be a short one,
Can have big eyes and little ones.

I want to love a husky voice, to look deep and sensual.
Must be a love full of personality, full of charm and vivacity.
Looking for a casual love, crazy and daring.

I want a love child, who play with me, take me to delirium and leave me in danger.

I want a crazy love, crazy not cling to the past.
I need a lover dressed as a clown, playing carnival, and shouting his love.
I need anyway, most urgently to end this my grace.
So I want a love that fills me with jealousy and then cover me with perfume,
more intense flavors, may be Chanel or Dior.

I want, I need a love those movies, soap opera, sitcom, full of mysteries and anecdotes.

I want a love, simple or important, a love to make soap balls with me,
take my hand, smile my smile and believe in what I say.

I want a love to ride a seesaw, running in the rain,
Stepping into the puddle,
Eat brigadier, dirty and then lick his finger and slowly, making charm.

I want love, unexpectedly, that escape me, I lace up in arms with their hugs.
I need a staggering love, those creepy,
A love that knows cry, dance and sing.

vinod want a love that has a kiss full of desire,
When you touch me makes me shiver,
And my body don’t want to wake up.

I want a love seen … and if you want, this love could be you.

Author: ShineMagic

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