I Am Not Far From You

From:- Vinod

Child Of Mind , Don’t Be Discouraged In
Those Times When It Feels Like I am Very
Far Away…
I Want You To Know That I am
With You Always , Even When You Cannot
Sense My Nearness..

And Just As I Promised ,
I Will Neaver Abandon You
I am Every Bit Your Loving Father
Even When You Don’t Feel That
You Are At Your Best Spiritually. ..

I Do Not Reject You During Those Times
And I Do Not Throw You away
No Child
I am Not Disappointed With You And
I Have Not Disqualified You..

Dear Child , I Want To Know That
You Are Just As Loved When You Feel
Distant From Me As You Are When We
Are In The Deepest Of Fellowship
And Intimacy…

The Fact Remains That You Are My Own
Dear Child , No Matter What Your Feelings
Tell You.
Iam A Loving Father And Iam Good
And I Do Not Reject My Own Simply
Because They Are Having A Bad Day
(Or A Bad Week , Or Bad Month
Or Even A Bad Year)

It Is Always In My Heart To Restore You
And To Draw You Close Again.
It Doesn’t Matter Whether Or Not You Feel Loved
My Love For You Will Not Fail…

It Doesn’t Matter Whether Or Not You
Think That Are At Your Best Spiritually
I Will Not Abandon You Or Push You Away
It Doesn’t Matter How Dirty Or Unworthy
You May Feel At The Moment
You Are Still My Own Dear Child
I Will Not Abandon You..

There Are Different Things That Cause
You To Fell As Though You Are Far Away
From Me.
I Understand Them All And I Deal
With Them, Because I Truly Do Desire For
You To Fell Close To Me Again..

I Want To Saturate You In My Presence
And I Want To Overwhelm Your Senses
With My Nearness.
Child I Want To Bless You
And I Want To Bring You Into
Deeper Intimacy With Me…

I am About To Refresh Your Spirit
And To Restore Hope.
Can You Trust In My Goodness And
Believe That Iam Going To Break Through
The Driest Desert And Blow My Sweet
Refreshment Upon You..

I am Going To Wash Over You With My
River Of Life And Make My Living Water
Once Again Burst Forth Out Of Your Belly..
I Want To Give Rest To Your Weary Soul
And I Want To Break Every Shred Of
Discouragement Off Of You…

I Want To Shower You In My Goodness
And , I Want To Flood Your Senses With My
Nearness , Iam A God Who Delights In His
Own And I Have Every Intention Of Drawing
You Close To Me Once Again…

Don’t Be Afraid Dear One Iam Not Going
To Push You Away.
No Matter How Dirty You Feel
Iam Not Going To Abandon You
No Matter How Alone Or Isolated You May
Feel At The Moment…

Your Feeling May Lie To You
But I Do Not Lie
Iam Your Loving Heavenly Father And
Iam Never Far From You
So Take Heart Dear One For
I am Very Near To You.

Author: ShineMagic

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