Dear God

From:- Vinod

When sorrow tumbles down in heaps
When trouble knocks the door with his knee
When patience runs short in whatever I do
When palms begins to sweat and I start to loose what I own
When I tremble with extreme fear
When I see no hope in a gloomy day
When my eyes tend to drop down

And legs do not hold me on the ground

When my courage breaks like a castle of cards
When my heart shatters like a piece of glass
When my mind wanders far across
When I need one finger to show me my path
When the blood flowing in my veins

Seems to freeze off
In times like these when I see
No hope no care no help I get what I need

I turn back and I find you waiting as always I have seen
Vinod find no place in this world
Where I can rest with fearless heart

As I see through your eyes

Know I’ll get everything I need there
You are the ocean of love and care
And I a small piece of barren land

You are the one who always understand

A drop from your massive ocean
Will flood the plains of this barren land
I need not health wealth or retrieve
I don’t even feel to strive for the

Dear God

Vinod only need a small place in your heart
From where I can leave my breath off
This is my only wish oh God

For every time I am born

Author: ShineMagic

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