One Incident Happened with me

Dear frnds,
I want to tell u an experience about traffic police, which i faced today morning.

Me and my frnd was going to office by bike. When we entered in city (not disclosing the city name), there were two traffic police man standing on a traffic signal and operating traffic manually as light was not working.

All three row has been cleared and now it was our turn, as we try to croos the road, the light got glowing and turn into the red light. so we stop the bike.Then traffic police man came to us and remove the key from bike and said to us that park the bike in one side. There would be a challan on you as u break the red light.(but actually we did not as it as a traffic signal problem)

Then we park the bike and request to them(police man) that it was not our mistake. Its all happened due to traffic signal light., but they were not ready listen to us.

They said to us that there is a lot of pressure on us to issue the challan. Then i said to them, sir please try to understand. We are getting late for office and more ever this is not our fault also.

They ignore to us and asked for bike papers and DL and was ready to issue the challan on DL. Then i said to him, sir pls let it go and do settled it because we are already getting late for office.

Then he said, give me *****rs. then i let u go without challan. I gave him half amt, which he asked to me and take papers and dl and went to my office.

I know, that i did wrong thing to give him some rs like this. But what i could do at that time? I m a employee and dont have so much time to spend to clear the challan. so i did it.

There can be some police man which will read this mail and i apologize if some one hurt from this. I m not saying that all of our police man are corrupted but someone are.

I shared the experience which i faced.

From:- Sandeep Tyagi

Author: ShineMagic

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