English Sms on Diwali

I Searched Many Gardens
To Select A Flower To Give U
As My Diwali Gift.
But, I Didn’t Find Any Flower
Beautiful Than Ur Smile.

*Happy Diwali

Sun Glows For A Day,
Candle For An Hour,
Matchstick For A Minute,
But A Wish Can Glow Days Forever,
So Here Is My Wish For Glowing DIWALI,
Glowing Life!!

Light For Ur Brightful Future;
Cracker For Ur Demolish Of Ur Failure;
Rangoli For Ur Colorful Life;
Happy Diwali..

It Is Time To Feel Good,
Time 4 Reunion,
Time 2 Share Happiness,
Time To Feel Being Loved,
Time 2 Show Ur Love,
Time 2 Live For Others And
Time To Wish For Peace.
HAPPY DIWALI. Cheeeeeers.

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