Good Morning Text Messages for Mobile

1. If we both exchange one dollar, we have one dollar each. But, if we exchange one good thought, we both have two good thoughts. Sweet Morning

2. Working Towards Success Will Make You A Master, But Working Towards Satisfaction Makes you A Legend. Good Morning To You

3. Two places are the most valuable in the world. First nicest place is to be in someone’s THOUGHTS & Second The safest place is to be in someone’s PRAYERS. Gud Mrning!

4. A warm hello doesn’t come from the lips, It comes from the heart, Doesn’t have to be told, It has to be shown, Doesn’t have to be given, It has to be sent. Gd Morning.

5. A good message for a good person, From a good friend for a good reason, At a good time on a good day in a good mood to say Good Morning My Friend

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