Quotes About Rajnikanth

All new series of Rajnikanth:

1. Rajnikanth was shot today… Tomorrow is the bullet`s funeral!

2. Rajnikanth killed a terrorist in Pakistan ‘via Bluetooth’!

3. Rajnikanth can draw a straight line with a compass!

4. Rajnikanth knows who let the dogs out!!

5. Rajnikanth`s pulse is measured in Richter scale!

6. The new Rupee symbol is actually Rajnikanth`s signature!!!

7. When God watched Robot, he said, “Oh my Rajnikanth!”

8. Rajnikanth has a statue of Madame Tussauds at his house!!

9. Rajnikanth is the secret of Boost`s energy;
and Complan is a Rajnikanth boy!

10. Rajnikanth participated in 100m race, obviously he came first, but Einstein died watching that since Light came second!!

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