Because I Love You

From:- Vinod

You are sweeter than…honey
You are sweeter than…my tongue
You are sweeter than …CADBURY

And forever those words will be

When you wake up in the morning
And longs for someone’s touch
Then its Love

When its clumsily raining outside
And you want someone to cuddle
Then its love…

I’ve been thinking of you today
of how we kiss in our special way
The warmth & the tingles that you bring
out of our love it springs

There’s a special feeling in my heart
a desire never to fade or to be apart
a feeling granted from heaven above
a gift you gave vinod that’s called love

I wonder is the moon full,
cause my feelings are unusual
so please come tell me,
what future do you see,

vinod need your love so bad,
you know you drive me mad,
every promise vinod have been told,
no one has yet to uphold,

you’re diamonds, i’m rust,
how i feel for you i must,

I heard your voice,
now i have no choice,
but to care deeply for you,
it’s all i want to do!

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