No Guarantee

From:- Vinod

There are no guarantees that love will stay around
Even when it seemed so ture,
This love that you had found.

It could have been the love of a friend or your mate
When suddenly your heart gets broke,
You’re in a sorry state.

For with no rhyme or reason that love is just now gone,
And you are left alone again to try and carry on.
You search your soul and try and figure out
Just what is was that happened, what is this all about.

The only thing you’re sure of is love has disappeared
And now you face that one thing that you have always
feared, You find that yourself alone again
there is no one to care
There is no one to cherish the love you have too share

No guarantee mean just that no matter how hard you try
You can’t protect you loving heart that sometime you will cry
But one day if the fates allow you may find a love
that’s new
And once again you’ll find your dream

Someone to care for you and Love you
as you love He/She
Wait For The Lord To Place Your
Ture Love In Your Life
God Bless

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